Canaves Oia Suites

Perched on the cliffside of Oia, Canaves Oia Suites offers one of the most iconic views of the Santorini Caldera. This luxurious boutique hotel boasts elegant suites with private plunge pools and terraces overlooking the Aegean Sea. The minimalist, all-white design reflects the traditional Cycladic architecture, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and romance. Fine dining, a world-class spa, and impeccable service complete the Canaves Oia experience.

Grace Santorini

Grace Santorini, situated in Imerovigli, offers an intimate boutique hotel experience with stunning cliffside views. This adult-only property is known for its minimalist design, and its infinity pool provides one of the most breathtaking views on the island. The gourmet dining experiences, led by acclaimed Greek chefs, ensure that your culinary journey is as memorable as the sunsets over the caldera.

Andronis Luxury Suites

In the charming village of Oia, Andronis Luxury Suites offers a collection of exquisite accommodations with private plunge pools and terraces that grant sweeping views of the caldera. The hotel’s elegant decor and attentive service create a tranquil haven for relaxation and romance. The property is also home to a spa and exceptional dining at Lycabettus Restaurant, where you can savor delectable Greek and Mediterranean flavors.

Katikies Hotel

Katikies Hotel in Oia is a picture-perfect boutique luxury hotel. With its cliffside location and all-white design, it embodies the essence of Greek island living. The minimalist suites offer private plunge pools and terraces that provide unparalleled views of the caldera and the famous sunsets. The gourmet dining options, including the renowned Mikrasia Restaurant, take you on a journey of Mediterranean flavors.

Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel, is a stunning property located in the village of Oia. The hotel is known for its unique design and exceptional service. The Cycladic-style suites feature terraces with private Jacuzzis, perfect for taking in the mesmerizing views. The Charisma Restaurant offers gourmet dining with a Mediterranean touch, and the Aura Bar provides an ideal spot to enjoy sunset cocktails.

Astra Suites

Astra Suites, perched on the cliffs of Imerovigli, offers a peaceful and intimate escape. The hotel’s suites boast private terraces, some with outdoor hot tubs, that overlook the caldera. The property’s traditional Greek decor, attentive staff, and a romantic atmosphere make it an ideal choice for honeymooners and couples. Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at the hotel’s on-site restaurant.


Perivolas, located in Oia, is a luxury boutique hotel that embodies the serenity and charm of Santorini. The property features cave-style suites with private terraces and plunge pools. The all-white decor, combined with the blue of the sea, creates a classic Greek ambiance. With its spa, gourmet restaurant, and impeccable service, Perivolas is a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury.

Astarte Suites

Astarte Suites, situated in the Akrotiri area, offers a secluded and romantic experience on Santorini. The suites, designed with Cycladic elegance, feature private balconies with plunge pools overlooking the sea. The hotel’s location, away from the bustling crowds, ensures a tranquil escape. Dining is a highlight at Astarte Suites, with gourmet dishes served at the hotel’s clifftop restaurant.

Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort

Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort, is located in the charming village of Megalochori. This luxury resort offers a different perspective of Santorini, away from the caldera. The property is set within a beautifully restored 400-year-old winery, providing a unique ambiance. The suites and villas offer a combination of traditional Greek decor and modern amenities. With an excellent spa and a Mediterranean restaurant, Vedema is an ideal choice for travelers seeking a different side of Santorini.

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa is a contemporary luxury property located in Oia. The suites and villas feature modern design with private plunge pools and outdoor hot tubs. The hotel offers a variety of dining experiences, from casual to gourmet, allowing you to savor Mediterranean flavors. Santo Maris also boasts a world-class spa and excellent service.

These top 10 luxury hotels in Santorini represent the pinnacle of Greek island hospitality. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a serene retreat, or an escape from the crowds, these properties provide an exceptional experience that perfectly complements the island’s natural beauty. With private pools, world-class dining, and impeccable service, these luxury hotels will ensure that your stay in Santorini is a truly unforgettable experience.