The Azores

The archipelago, 950 miles from the coast of parent country Portugal, is a place of volcanic craters, sulphuric hot springs, breaching whales and surf breaks overlooked by epic stacks.


Dubrovnik may be a little overrun with Game Of Thrones tourists, but there’s always been a certain magic to this limestone citadel on the Adriatic. And what’s often forgotten is what a great starting point it is for a proper adventure.


Skane is well-worth exploring, from the patchwork charm of the city to the lakes, wineries and Nantucket-esque clapboard coastal towns of the fertile countryside, often referred to as Sweden’s larder.


The Salento region offers a rough-cut version of the best of Italy, from the almost Caribbean west coast to the plunging cliffs of the west coast; from Brindisi down to southernmost Santa Maria di Leuca via the baroque fantasy of Lecce, all gargoyles and limestone columns.

Timisoara, Romania

This western Romanian city is often referred to as Little Vienna, with its grand Habsburg Secessionist buildings and circular city centre.

Chania, Crete

From seaside cafés to exquisite Cretan fine dining, this city on the north-west coast of  Crete has a select but quickly expanding scene that’s luring in expert palates.

Helsinki, Finland

In 2018, the city ploughed more than 99 million euros into its arts and culture scene, bolstering an already meaty offering of museums, and galleries. The result is a truly world-class cultural city.


The sun-blasted Spanish chain off Africa’s Atlantic coast, – a network of black, white and butter-gold beaches – is home to awe-inspiring landscapes, from lush banana plantations to laurel forests.

Melides, Portugal

With pristine sands, tiny village squares and, well, very little else, Melides is Portugal but not as you know it.


It’s somewhat mind-boggling that Slovenia – tucked between old favourites Italy and Croatia – hasn’t been overrun already. After all, its turquoise rivers, glacier-fed lakes and soaring, snow-capped peaks are pretty enough to make even seen-it-all sorts weak at the knees.